“Ich bin bereit!” – Bp. Schwaderlapp ordained at Cologne

With this resounding cry – “I am willing!” – Bishop Dominikus Schwaderlapp became Cologne’s third auxiliary bishop and, at 44, Germany’s youngest. He asked all the faithful in the Kölner Dom St. Peter und Maria to pray for him so that he could work with all his heart and confidence in God’s assistance at the start of his episcopal ministry.

Bishop Schwaderlapp, until recently the vicar general of Germany’s second oldest diocese, was consecrated by Archbishop Joachim Cardinal Meisner, while the other two auxiliary bishops of Cologne, Heiner Koch and Manfred Melzner, served as co-consecrators. Among the bishops in choir was Rainer Cardinal Woelki, the archbishop of Berlin and Bishop Schwaderlapp’s predecessor as auxiliary bishop of Cologne.

Photocredit: Erzbistum Köln

2 thoughts on ““Ich bin bereit!” – Bp. Schwaderlapp ordained at Cologne”

  1. Bonjour
    Je suis le père Raymond Binda Bakambana du diocèse de Boma en République Démocratique du Congo ordonné prêtre en juillet 2017

    je voudrais entrer en contact avec Mgr mais je ne connais pas l’allemand. si je peux trouver quelqu’un qui peut m’aider pour cela


    Père Raymond Binda

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