Dutch bishops’ ad limina tentatively planned for 2013?

In a interview for Catholic radio, Bishop Jos Punt of Haarlem-Amsterdam expressed his expectation that the Dutch bishops will be travelling to Rome for their ad limina visit sometime in 2013. Their previous visit took place in March of 2004.

The Dutch bishops during their last Ad limina visit in 2004

Bishop Punt said so in a conversation about the physical wellbeing of Pope Benedict XVI and the possibility that he would resign for health reasons. The bishops said that it is theoretically possible for a pope to resign at some point, but stressed that, while the Holy Father is undoubtedly getting older, his mind is as sharp as ever. Bishop Punt also said that he enjoys meeting and conversing with Pope Benedict, and is grateful for this pontificate.

Originally, the ad limina visit, during which the bishops meet not only with the pope, but also with all the important dicasteries of the Church, would take place sometime this year, but recent changes in how such visits are conducted have likely pushed it back somewhat.

The Dutch episcopate has not yet visited Rome during the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

Photo credit: RKK