A smoother, faster conference

As a part of what now seems to be a slow but steady overhaul of the conference, the Dutch bishops today announced the new way in which they will let themselves be advised on whatever topic may be at hand. Instead of a standing advisory committee on policy, the Beleidsadviescommissie Bisschoppenconferentie, specific and temporary project groups will be created as circumstances dictate. These groups, named ‘chambers’, will involve diocesan groups more closely than before, and are intended to offer advice faster, more specialised and flexible. No doubt with the intention to smoothen the entire decision-making process of the conference.


Stats for April 2012

At the tail end of it, the month became quite interesting, as my translation of the pope’s letter to the German bishops was picked by numerous blogs and websites, resulting in more than 2,000 page views in one day. Not surprisingly, the blog easily broke the 10,000 page view ceiling and peaked at 10,992. I know this blogging game is not about numbers, but still: wow.

Without further ado, here’s the top 10 of last month:

1: Letter to the German Bishops’ Conference 3,120
2: Priest in space 129
3: Cardinal Watch: Cardinal Daoud passes away 84
4: Cardinal Watch: Cardinal Aponte Martínez passes away 82
5: Seventh Station: Jesus falls for the second time 80
6: For all or many – Pope Benedict enters the debate 68
7: The Stations of the Cross 66
8: Happy birthday, Holy Father! 64
9: A blackbook for Bishop Mutsaerts 57
10: “A desperate push” – Holy Father corrects disobedient priests 54

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