Why am I Catholic? – a new tab at the top

Observant readers will notice a new tab at the top of the blog. It links to a new page on which I try to give an answer to the question of why I am Catholic. Not an easy question, perhaps, but I made an attempt at providing an answer.

Why this page? Because I find every now and then that people hold such strange, even insulting, ideas about people who have any faith, let alone the Catholic branch of Christianity. I hope that my answer, which includes my conversion story, goes some way to show that I am not a scary, strange and unrealistic person who uses his faith to hide behind, but instead just a guy who has done some reading, thinking and experiencing and drew some conclusions.

May it do some good.


4 thoughts on “Why am I Catholic? – a new tab at the top”

  1. It is great to learn that there are folks in the Netherlands who think just like the Catholics I know here in North Carolina. It shows that the Universal Church is the unifying force and that the Holy Spirit guides and informs individual members as well as the whole Body of believers.

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