A new definition of offensive in Britain

A post in solidarity with Archbishop Cranmer, an Anglican blog which ran the above advert and is now targeted by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, or ASA, who claim that it is offensive and homophobic.

If it is, then support for same-sex ‘marriage’ is naturally heterophobic. In fact, any support for anything is anti its opposite, whatever it may be. Come to think of it, all commercials should be declared offensive and illegal*, since they favour one thing over another.

Nonsense, of course. Free speech and the statement of facts is threatened under the guise of political correctness, so I gladly post the ‘offensive’ ad. A small sign of support for a beleaguered blog.

*I could actually agree with that, to be honest…

4 thoughts on “A new definition of offensive in Britain”

  1. The term “heterophobic” is certainly offensive. Matthew Shepard wasn’t dragged through a field, tied to a barbed wire fence and beaten to death with a metal pipe because he was a heterosexual.
    Kenneth Waishuhn wasn’t bullied to the point he thought taking his life was a better option than staying alive because he was heterosexual.
    I can’t stand political correctness either, but this isn’t about political correctness, this is about letting each free adult citizen choose what is right for their own life.

  2. we live in times of topsy turvy political correctness and obsering this madness can make anyone just indifferent and accepting anything mass media propaganda may present on a plate. We are simply brainwashed gradually made unable and unwelcome to express simple opinion. Well, in this way we are not very far from certain infamous political systems.

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