VatiLeaks – standing together

“Events in recent days regarding the Curia and my collaborators have brought sadness to my heart, though the firm conviction, that despite human weakness, despite difficulties and trials, the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit, and the Lord will never fail to give His aid in sustaining the Church on her journey. Nevertheless, some entirely gratuitous rumors have multiplied, amplified by some media, which went well beyond the facts, offering a picture of the Holy See that does not correspond to reality. I would like therefore to reiterate my confidence and my encouragement to my staff and to all those who, day in and day out, faithfully and with a spirit of sacrifice, quietly help me in fulfilling my ministry.”

Unscripted words from Pope Benedict XVI at today’s audience.

Everyone seems to know something about the background of what has become known as VatiLeaks – the whodunnit, the conspiracies and exactly which cardinal has it out against the pope – but I think that a loving unity with one another, and today especially with the Holy Father, will go a long way, certainly further than finger-pointing and accusations. That goes for us faithful in the pews just as much as for the prelates in their Vatican offices.

Photo credit: Andreas Solaro/AFP/GettyImages

2 thoughts on “VatiLeaks – standing together”

  1. To be honest..I have heardly read or heard anything about it, and it can’t really bother me either. Love the Church, and things like that are not gonna change that 😉

  2. Beelzebub keeps always busy be aware of that and instead of heating the separation let us keep busy by uniting the good forces with ourselves. Not being very satisfied with the Pentecostes H Mass in our church I went to the St Willibordus -church in the centre of Utrecht and met the parish of Rector de Vegter (a real fighter!) to maintain sacrality during a solemnel Mass at 17:00 hours in his church where he delivered a brilliant sermon and looking around in the beautiful church built by Kuipers I had an interesting amount of information how this church was maintained although it should be abandoned at first. The money was collected and the restauration of this church was undertaken by a group of artists in their field which built up as an act of Love towards our Lord Jesus Christ. This showed me the Positive forces the Holy Spirit ignited in the recent past to show that He is still with us who care about their final Destiny with Him.
    This should be a counter-balance against the negative forces we see acting at present.

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