Stats for July 2012

As expected and as ever, July has been a slow month. Interesting events peter out until after summer, so the number of visitors peaked at 6,688. A significant percentage of those visited in the first week of te month, as the news of Archbishop Müller’s appointment to the CDF broke.

Here’s the month’s top 10:

1: An introduction to Abp. Müller 869
2: In Rio, a white dove for a late cardinal 70
3: Lectio Divina over het Doopsel 66
4: Why am I Catholic? 65
5: Het Probleem Medjugorje 55
6: Papal visit to England and Scotland, day one 51
7: The order of love – Woelki’s statements, one more time & Adoro to devote, two versions and a translation 49
8: A long-awaited appointment – Müller at the CDF 45
9: Letter to the German Bishops’ Conference 41
10: Cardinal watch: Cardinal de Araújo Sales passes away 40


2 thoughts on “Stats for July 2012”

  1. Thanks very much for your blog. I think the stats show something significant. The anglophone Catholic zone is not good at languages (fill in the blanks from incompetence to arrogance). You let us know about and give translations of what is going on in the Deutschesprachraum. This is very helpful. You’ve no idea. The Anglophone Vaticanisti don’t speak German either so for the German area (a very important area and I realise that Holland is different) we’re stuck with the self-promoting stuff of Hans Kueng !!!!!! Please give us more insight into what is going on in German speaking Catholic Church. Through the internet we are becoming more ‘catholic’, yes even the English. I can attest that your translations are excellent. English Catholics and American and Antipodeans will catch on. Archbp Mueller will need you. Does Father Finnigan over at the Hermeneutic of Continuity know about your blog?
    Again, many thanks. Katrina from Oberbozen, Italy

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