Arrogance on the high seas

National news media have been carrying the story almost as an aside, as if it’s something that’s not worth the trouble, but elsewhere, such as on Life Site News, it gets some just attention. An infamous Dutch ship known generally as the ‘abortion boat’ is in a Moroccan port, with a crew intending to ‘help’ Moroccan women in getting an abortion. If it weren’t for that pesky Moroccan navy which intends to uphold the laws of the country…

Of course, the mere concept of an ‘abortion boat’ is repulsive, and its mission of sailing to just outside the territorial waters of countries which actually protect the unborn, in order to free women from the disease that is called unborn life, smacks of arrogance with a touch of colonialism. It’s as if the group commandeering the boat, Women On Waves, is out to teach the unenlightened natives of foreign shores some ‘proper civilisation’. Because we in the West obviously always know better than anyone else…

Photo credit: AFP.


2 thoughts on “Arrogance on the high seas”

  1. Abortionists are terrorists against the unborn children, mothers, and humanity. They love their own lives and want to destroy the lives of others. If their mothers aborted them would they be in that boat?

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