The dean stands firm, but carnival Masses will continue in Eindhoven

In a welcome decision, Father René Wilmink, the dean of Eindhoven in the Diocese of ‘s Hertogenbosch, took a stand against the ridiculisation of the Holy Mass. In discussion with the local carnival federation, Fr. Wilmink insisted that future carnival Masses – which are usually accompanied by priests dressed up, no sense of worthy reception of Holy Communion, and a general party atmosphere in the church – can only continue in his church of St. Catherine if they stay close to the heart of the faith.

A representative of the carnival club said: “In his case that means that we will no longer have a say about the liturgy and that there can’t  be any carnivalesque forms of expression on or around the altar or sanctuary”.

Is this guy for real? First of all, the liturgy belongs to the Church, not to a club of partygoers, and secondly, Fr. Wilmink doesn’t go his own way here, but that of the Church. In the celebration of the Mass, no one has any business in the sanctuary, unless they have a task to perform in the liturgy. And no, a clown, a juggler or a lector dressed up as a sailor have no business in the liturgy whatsoever. The Mass has a rather different focus and meaning.

Sadly, the Augustin fathers do welcome the carnival Mass in their church, which belongs to the Mariënhage monastery and as such falls outside the jurisdiction of the dean or the diocese (although, while the church in question remains the property of the Augustines, all pastoral care was handed to the city parish of Eindhoven some five years ago). The Augustine fathers are more than happy to “work with” the carnival federation “to preserve the carnival Mass for Eindhoven”.

Photo credit: [2] Image of the 2010 carnival Mass, Niels van Rooij

2 thoughts on “The dean stands firm, but carnival Masses will continue in Eindhoven”

  1. Why the deacon cannot just say his ‘NO’ to this kind of sacrilege? We have heard about clown Masses, pet Masses, African Masses (???) – what on earth is this trend is for?

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