An invitation for life

Upon the request of Dutch Catholic blogger IngridAiram, I share her invitation to all Catholics in the Netherlands (as well as, conceivably, Christians of other churches and church communities) to come to The Hague on 8 December and make a stand for life.

Ingrid notes the value that the Catholic Church attaches to life in all its forms, but especially that of the poor, the weak, the elderly and especially the unborn. Yet the Catholic presence at previous Marches for Life was rather small. She writes:

“That is why I would like to urge, beg you, to walk the March for Life in The Hague with me.To witness to life and the respect for all life, as Christ had. A silent march through The Hague, silence as a symbol for the child that has no voice. We must be that voice. For every life has value.”

Check the multilingual website here for more information.


Stats for October 2012

With 6,938 visits last month, we’re back on the rise again after the summer slump. Thank you for your continued attention and interest, readers! Without much ado, let’s take a look at what interested you most, in the top 10 of most popular posts of October:

1: The Catholic voice 93
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5: The little consistory 75
6: Participants, programs and indulgences – details of the Synod released 70
7: End of mission – Bishop Willigers passes away 68
8: Sexual abuse – the double standards of the state 57
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10: Synod of Bishops – Day Nine 48

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