Man of the people Bp. Demming passes away

From the German diocese of Münster comes the news of the passing of Bishop Alfons Demming, retired auxiliary bishop of that diocese, on 31 October. He died after a long illness which already lay at the basis for his early retirement in 1998, at the age of 70. A close friend of Bishop Reinhard Lettmann, bishop of Münster from 1980 to 2008, Bishop Demming was seen as a man of the people, especially in his area of responsibility within the diocese, the region of Borken-Steinfurt. In his episcopal career, which began with is consecration in 1977,  he was cathedral administrator of Münster’s St. Paul’s cathedral and a member of the Pastoral Questions commission of the German Bishops’ Conference. Bishop Demming served with or under three Bishops of Münster: the late Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg until 1979, the aforementioned Bishop Lettmann and since 2008 Bishop Felix Genn.

Bishop Genn will celebrate the requiem Mass at St. Paul’s on Thursday, while Wednesday’s Vespers will be prayed for the deceased bishop.

Bishop Demming was titular bishop of Gordus in modern Turkey.

Photo credit: Diocese of Münster.


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I'm a 37-year-old lay Catholic from the diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden. I write about the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. I not only enjoy bringing selected developments to the attention of readers, but I also think that it is sometimes important to allow a wider audience to read about the state of the Church in the Netherlands. That's why a fair number of posts about that topic will be translations of Dutch articles, episcopal writings and whatever else.

3 thoughts on “Man of the people Bp. Demming passes away”

  1. May God reward him for the services he rendered to his people.
    May God give that diocese the same a shepherd of the same charism as the late bishop-Love for the people

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