Countdown to papal Twitter launch

In some thirteen hours, Pope Benedict XVI will send his first tweet. As has been announced, he will do so at the end of the weekly general audience, so that would place it at around Roman noon. What that first tweet will be is anyone’s guess, although we do know it will be an answer to a question asked via the #askpontifex hashtag on Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether the seven combined papal Twitter accounts will break the 1,000,000-followers barrier, as was hoped over the past week. The count now stands at some 940,000, with the vast majority (630,000) following the English account. The other accounts, by number of followers, are in Spanish (148,000), Italian (90,000), Portuguese (24,000), German (18,000), French (16,000), Polish (9,200) and Arabic (6,700).


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