A first fruit – Dutch bishop to offer Mass in the Extraordinary Form

Bishop jan van burgstedenMore than seven years after the publication of Summorum Pontificum, which ‘freed up’ the use of the traditional form of the Mass, the so-called Extraordinary Form, as it was used for centuries before the liturgy changes of the Second Vatican Council, a milestone is reached for the Catholics in the Netherlands: for the first time a Dutch bishop will offer Mass in this form.

The date is next Sunday, 20 January, and the bishop in question is the retired auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam, Msgr. Jan van Burgsteden.

The FSSP-run church of St. Agnes in Amsterdam will be the location and shares the news on her website. This church is no stranger to EF Masses offered by bishops or higher clergy, as she has hosted Bishop Kozon of Copenhagen and Cardinal Burke in the past. Like the former, Bishop van Burgsteden will administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to ten faithful before the Mass.

According to the website linked above, the bishop is delighted to offer Mass in the form which was standard when he was ordained to the priesthood in 1964.

The Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam is perhaps the most welcoming Dutch diocese for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. The diocesan seminary offers training or seminarians and priests, and both the ordinary, Bishop Jos Punt, and the current auxiliary, Bishop Jan Hendriks, attended the Mass offered by Cardinal Burke in choir. Most recently, Bishop Punt announced that the church of St. Agnes will be the home of a personal parish run by the FSSP, which regularises church and priests in the diocese and gives the Extraordinary Form a solid place within the liturgical landscape of the Church in the Netherlands.


Not a liar – Cardinal Simonis free from prosecution

simonisAlthough the full text of the court’s decision has not been published yet, it is clear that Cardinal Adrianus Simonis will not be prosecuted for perjury in the case of the Salesian priest Jan N., who committed sexual abuse under the cardinal’s watch, when the latter was archbishop of Utrecht. During a witness hearing Cardinal Simonis had stated that he was not aware of any sexual abuse committed by clergy. A man who was abused by the priest in question subsequently lodged a formal complaint against this statement with the public prosecutor.

The prosecutor has now stated that their is no evidence that Cardinal Simonis intentionally lied and has declared the complaint unfounded. The cardinal himself was not questioned about the complaint.