“A shock”- The local angle

In Dutch, for a change: comments on Pope Benedict’s abdication from Father Rolf Wagenaar, administrator of the cathedral of St. Joseph, Diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden, and parish priest of yours truly:

“The Pope’s retiring? That’s impossible. It hasn’t let go of me since then, of course. A shock, not only for me, but for everyone, I think, and certainly for all the Catholics in the world.”

2 thoughts on ““A shock”- The local angle”

  1. Knowing the Pope (well not personally, but through his works) he’s not a man who does things carelessly.

    I think Benedict XVI realized perhaps that the Church needs a different kind of Pope, maybe one whose strengths lies in evangelization and pastoral work.
    Do not get me wrong. I think Benedict XVI is (soon was) a great pope, and a great theologian and truly a man of action (even if the media steadily chose to ignore his work only to focus on distorting his words out of context…) but he is not an ‘evangelizer’. He has a shy and quiet demeanor. He’s more a thinker rather than an apt preacher.

    So, I suppose, he thought that now that he has built the foundations needed, someone else needs to carry on the work, bringing what he started to the people.

    At least this is my opinion. I do not think this was an act of defeat or running away, but was a well-thought act of humility and knowing one’s limits.

  2. PS: I am not sure, as an Italian myself, if I want an Italian Pope. Some cardinals in Italy are too focused on politics, at least the most known cardinals and I am not sure this is what we need. Although perhaps some of the less ‘political’ Italian cardinals in Italy could make a good Pope.

    In any case Benedict XVI elected many new cardinals in recent times (probably in light of his decision to step down) so he left several good people who can carry on his good work.

    In the end we must trust the Holy Spirit to guide the Conclave.

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