Distancing – how not to disagree

gloria_tv_01_0Sometimes we will disagree with our bishops about some decision they made, or even about some topic which they believe should be discussed. In such a situation we have two options, really: we can hold on to our own opinion and attack the bishops, or anyone else, for daring to disagree with us; or we can express our different opinion, even enter into discussions to try and change their opinions, while at the same time accepting the teaching authority of the bishops.

gloria.tv swastikaInternational Catholic media outlet Gloria.tv has chosen the first option, and has done so in an utterly unacceptable way: by depicting six German bishops with a swastika superimposed over them, in response to the bishops’ intention to discuss the morning-after pill at their plenary meeting.

In response, the German Bishops’ Conference has expressly distanced itself from Gloria.tv and will no longer contribute any content to their website. A move which is, considering the tasteless depiction (doubly so in Germany) shared above, only understandable. Of course, Gloria.tv has in turn distanced itself from the bishops for their perceived intention to allow abortive drugs in Catholic hospitals.

I am as yet no aware what the bishops have said or decided about that issue, which started after Cardinal Meisner stated that the morning-after pill is allowed in some instances, so I won’t go into that here. I will say that, should the bishops decide that that pill is allowed, I would want to see some very good proof that it does not lead to the death of the unborn child. But the mere fact that the bishops talk about it? That is certainly no reason to attack them, let alone in such an insulting manner.

If one’s opinions and beliefs, regardless of what they are, are reason to vilify others. Gloria.tv is not helping itself by doing this, and is merely sowing division. Their concern is honest, but their methods are premature and cross the boundaries of common decency and, indeed, Christian charity.

9 thoughts on “Distancing – how not to disagree”

  1. I think that’s where the ‘in some circumstances’ comes into play.

    Note that Catholic couples, in some medical situations / circumstances are allowed to use contraceptives, which may kill unborn children. But, if those couples would not use the pill and get pregnant could lead into death of both the unborn child and the mother.

    There are guidelines from Rome stating what is okay and what is not okay, and I expect the Bishops to discuss ways to implement those guidelines into the local situation in Germany. They would certainly get word from the Pontifical Academy for Life if they would veer of. Nothing to get upset over.

  2. It appears they now have jesters’ hats each instead of the shared swastika! It appears to be all about giving a woman a pill straight after rape (before conception can take place?) Does conception happen at the moment of the sexual act or how long after?

    I heard recently on EWTN radio that that was the one exception where contraception was allowed…

  3. Oh my goodness! I had not heard about this. Thanks for your piece, and your commentary on why Gloria.tv’s actions in this matter are seriously inappropriate. Prayers for all involved.

  4. I just read the German bishops statement about the morning after pill. They say Catholic hospitals are allowed to give rape victims the morning after pill to prevent conception. They are not allowed to prescribe the morning after pill to kill an embryo after conception.

    Sounds reasonable and it’s still within the boundaries of Catholic teaching.

  5. The problem is that we all know life begins at conception, but we cannot tell when conception takes place, even if the German Bishop’s are now trying to persuade us that they do!
    The “morning after pill” is designed to act on a fertilised egg i.e. when conception has taken place and life has already begun. The intention of the MAP is to end life in its very earliest form that is why it is also termed an abortifacient.

  6. This is how I have been inspired: 1. I am a supporter of the Right to Life. 2. This is a creed I believe because God is the creator of life and we are His Vessel.

    Creed of Life: Children are GOD’s grace to us- as we are made in the image and likeness of He who has created us.   Nothing comes to life without GOD’s Act of Grace in us.  This Grace in us is from a Perfect Creator.   ccc 356

    We cannot stipulate that GOD’s creation is not for His purposes; when God places life in us this is a challenge to us and for His purpose of us receiving His Grace/Life.   Wherein, some of us need community, and by and through God’s purpose we are to share our graces with one another to lift others to meet the challenges in life.

    Thus, no matter what we are: in form, color, quantity, age, understanding, we are GOD’s grace to each other. We were not conceived as a punishment for GOD’s purpose; conception is not a punishment.

    In rape, the act in which no agape love is present whatsoever, this conception allowed by God must be seen as a grace coming to lift us out of the pain of disgrace. If we see a conception in rape as a punishment, then we are saying this Grace from God is a punishment, not logical. We need to retrain all human beings beginning with the most needy of our faith and speed this faith to all hearts that CHILDREN IN THE STATE OF CONCEPTION ARE GRACE FROM GOD, not punishment. 

    The morning after pill is not helping to build the bridge between us and God. This pill is saying I don’t trust GOD’s grace to help me meet this challenge

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