Standing up for life

Twitter_logo_ZGVKudos and admiration for 300 employees of the hospital Gelderse Vallei in Ede, the Netherlands. They are standing up for the right of life for unborn children with Down syndrome, after the hospital management decided to allow these children to be killed if the parents don’t want them.

The hospital claims to be based on Christian values, but decided in favour of aborting children with Down syndrome anyway. Because these children are obviously unfit to live, of course… I find it almost unimaginable how hospitals and other institutions call themselves Christian almost always fails to act in accordance with that moniker. Who are they fooling? In the first place themselves, of course.

I hope the employees, the ones who will be tasked with the actual killing, and who are now standing up against this will be an example for many, and that they will succeed.

The town of Ede is part of the Dutch “Bible belt“, characterised by orthodox Protestant communities. Local churches and civilians have joined the protest.


One thought on “Standing up for life”

  1. I am appalled when I read the decision Management made allowing the killing of the unborn babies with down syndrome in Ede, the Netherlands. But am very heartened to hear about the opposition of 300 employees, and so many churches and civilians standing up for life. I will be praying for all of you, pro-lifers.

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