Léonard’s example in the face of insanity

While giving an address and participating in a debate about blasphemy at the ULB University in Elsene, Brussels, Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard was assaulted by four women of the notorious action group ‘Femen’. Topless, they splashed him with water from bottles shaped like the Blessed Virgin. They had slogans written over their bodies that were intended to protest homophobia, but had the main effect of insulting people.


It is clear that notions like respect and freedom of speech, and even of civilised debate, are only applicable to people with the same opinions as these women. If you disagree with them, you are open to assault and insult, and to them that is fully justified.

In the meantime, a more civilised audience will recognise this as sheer lunacy and even a dangerous development. This women do not care about individual rights, they care about being right. It is very selfish behaviour. Perceived rights trump everything, from the rights of others to the integrity of and respect for their own bodies.

And Archbishop Léonard? He let the water fall, kissed one of the bottles as the women were removed and continued with what he came for. Exemplary.

Photo credit: BELGA/Benoit Doppagne


8 thoughts on “Léonard’s example in the face of insanity”

  1. If you wish to see Satan’s hatred for God and His Church then look at the photo.
    May God bless and protect the Archbishop. He did what I believe our blessed Lord would have done.

  2. This may just be from cultural differences between North America and Europe, but I would suggest that you use censored photos in the future, when covering such stories. I think it is prudent, especially for those who are weak to temptations of the eye.

    1. It depends on the image. If nipples were always and everywhere to be censored, a precious theme of Marian devotion (the lactation) would never have seen the light of day.

      The close-up in the photo on the lifesitenews website probably did require to be modified – http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/archbishop-prays-while-topless-gay-activists-shout-curses-and-douse-him-wit

      But in the medium to long-shot that is attached to Mark de Vries’ post, the foremost abuser is scarcely recognisable as female. And the depth of depravity can only be fully grasped by reading what is written across the chest of the abuser second from left.

      1. Well I would argue that there is a distinct difference between photography and painting, as well as between contexts (breastfeeding vs. erotic for example) I think that at least in these feminist cases there should be censorship because they want to be seen naked, so we should deny that from them. That is not to say that you are wrong, I know that I tend to be strict with such things. I am one of those few people who disapprove of Michelangelo’s work being in churches along with many renaissance work.

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