Dutch disaster? Michael Voris on Dutch Catholicism

Last week, American social media evangelist and orthodox Catholic Michael Voris visited the Netherlands for two lectures. He also recorded an episode of The Vortex, his regular program on ChurchMilitant.tv. Watch it below:

Some may disregard Voris as overly alarmist, but I think he is rather spot-on. When it comes to transmitting the faith in its entirety, we are faced with enormous challenges in the Netherlands, a society which generally does not accept the existence of absolute truths and a division between right and wrong.

I am also glad to see that he is evidently not alone in this, as Bishop Rob Mutsaerts’ words, quoted by Voris, fit in well with the general theme of this talk.


6 thoughts on “Dutch disaster? Michael Voris on Dutch Catholicism”

  1. This makes me think how lucky we were/are with Fr. Wagenaar and the student mass, which had always a decent attendance.

    Outside of The Netherlands, NL is often seen as ‘Sodom & Gomorra’ by Catholics and other Christians and ‘Liberal Paradise’ by liberalists.

    Living in NL, however, I did NOT feel like it was the “pits of hell” and I saw much genuine faith in many people I have met. Also I must say that NL non-believers are not as nasty as the ones in the UK, Spain or even Italy (at least in my experience).

    So what Vorhies says is sadly true (The Chruch has seen NL as ‘mission territory’ since the 90’s…) but still I do have hope in the true fathful Catholics in NL. I think they might be the proverbial mostard seed.

    1. I agree. As a Canadian of Dutch decent I find that many Catholics make fun of the Netherlands and even Dutch saints (I recently read an article that was quite critical of St. Hubert) making the Dutch the antithesis of the “perfect” Italian Catholic.

  2. I like Voris’ videos like this because they are accurate and balanced. I wish he would stick to these types of videos rather than the ones where he attacks bishops by name (which I find to be uncharitable). That is not to say that some bishops and priests do not need correction, but it should always be done in private, and only be done publicly as a last resort.

  3. Yes, he is spot on. Voris does not try to sweeten the bitter pill. If we don’t want Catholic fait to go further down the drain, we have to draw on everyone’s talents. For one thing, I think courses in apologetics should be available for everyone, so we are better able to deal with the anti Catholic or even downright Atheist rants we are confronted with just about everywhere, these days.

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