By the numbers – a status report on the abuse crisis in the Belgian Church.

abuse belgiumA report published today presents the numbers related to the sexual abuse crisis in Belgium in 2012. Last year, 307 reports of abuse “in a pastoral relationship” were received, of which 75% (230 cases) have been resolved, the vast majority through financial compensations. In about half of the cases, this compensation was between 2,500 and 5,000 euros.

80% of the reports are about abuse which took place 30 or more years ago. That is some 245 cases.

In January fo 2012, the Belgian bishops presented the 6 guidelines they will use in handling the abuse crisis:

  1. Standing with the victim.
  2. Breaking the silence.
  3. Recognition and restoration of the damage done.
  4. The victims dictates the form of compensation.
  5. Perpetrators are dealt with justly’.
  6. Prevention is a must.

Each diocese, as well as the religious congregations in the Dutch- and French-speaking parts of Belgium, operates a contact point which is open to anyone – victim, witness, perpetrator or suspect – confronted with sexual abuse in the Church. Bishops Johan Bonny of Antwerp and Guy Harpigny of Tournai are specifically delegated to represent the Church in these matters. They are pictured above during today’s press conference, together with Ms. Tine Van Belle and Professor Manu Keirse, respectively the coordinator of the contact point in the Diocese of Bruges, and chairman of the Interdiocesan Committee for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of  Youths in Pastoral Relations.

Reports like the one presented today will be released every year to make public the reports received and the way these have been dealt with in and outside the Church.


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