Pigeons and Popes

What is it with Popes and pigeons (or should I say doves) anyway? The latter seem to rather reluctant to leave the former’s presence,. It happened to Pope Francis earlier this week, and to Pope emeritus Benedict XVI in January of 2012.
francis dove
Whatever the reason, it is all a timely reminder of Pentecost approaching… Two more days to go.


One thought on “Pigeons and Popes”

  1. Doves – but for alliteration’s sake I think you may prefer “pigeons” – tend to take their symbolic function very serious.
    When my mother was on her death-bed in hospital, one morning the nurses told us, that all night long two pigeons had been sitting in the window-sill. We, her children, like to believe that they were sent there by our deceased father and brother, who both were enthusiastic birdwatchers, to accompany her to Our Father’s House. The next day she quietly passed from earthly to eternal life.
    Th. v.d. Elsen

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