At welcoming ceremony, Dutch pilgrim to meet the Pope


For Dutch pilgrim Annemarie Scheerboom, 21, World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro will be even more special than it already is. As part of the ceremony that will welcome Pope Francis into the city on Thursday, Annemarie has been chosen to represent the European pilgrims and will address the Holy Father in both Dutch and English.

Annemarie also attended the World Youth Days in Sydney (2008) and Madrid (2011). At the latter event, she was part of the Archdiocese of Utrecht’s group that also included me. In daily life, she studies biology, is active in the Sant’Egidio community, edits a Catholic youth magazine and works at a restaurant for the homeless. She considers Pope Francis a “great source of inspiration”.

What Annemarie will tell the Pope is unknown at this time, although an interview with her will be put online at the Dutch World Youth Day portal tonight.

Photo credit: Ramon Mangold for Jong Katholiek/RKK


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