Even an untrue story can hold some truth

seewaldI can rely on my best sources in this case. I have visited Benedict XVI recently, and we also spoke about the resignation. He expressed himself in no way in this direction.”

Speaking is Peter Seewald, biographer and personal friend of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. He denies the recent news that Benedict retired because God told him too, news from an anonymous source. Anonymous source or close collaborator and friend of the retired Pope; it is not hard to see who is the more easily reliable.

And even if Benedict XVI retired because he was convinced it was God’s wish, that is not something to be surprised about. It is exceedingly normal, as Father Alexander Lucie-Smith points out. In fact, in my opinion, we could all do with a little more confidence in our personal relation with the Lord. So even if it is not true that Benedict XVI only resigned because he was convinced it was the Lord’s wish, it still holds a lesson for us: we can rely on prayer helping us reach a decision, and we can be confident that it helps us in the right direction.