In the school of Mary

As I was reminded again yesterday, Mary is in many ways a mother. Motherhood in both the theological and personal meaning of the word. She is also a teacher who teaches us about her Son and about our personal relationship with Him.

The faith she shows and so teaches us is faith in the deepest essence of who we are, for our essential being flows from God’s being. Faith in Him, relationship with Him, knowing Him… that is knowing ourselves to our very heart.

maria van warfhuizen

“When Jesus’ “hour” came, the hour of his  passion, when Mary’s faith was a little flame burning in the night, a little  light flickering in the darkness.  Through the night of Holy Saturday, Mary kept  watch.  Her flame, small but bright, remained burning until the dawn of the  resurrection.”

From the address by Pope Francis on the Marian Day, 12 October 2013 (Dutch translation here.)

Photo credit: Kitty Goeman


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