Book review before reading – Sacred Liturgy

sacred liturgy bookI was very happy to find this in the mail today: Sacred Liturgy: The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church, edited by Dom Alcuin Reid. It is the product of last year’s Sacra Liturgia conference, which I wrote about a few times.

It is quite the hefty tome, clocking in at 446 pages. The book collects the contributions from a great variety of authors; Bishop Marc Aillet, Walter Cardinal Brandmüller, Raymond Cardinal Burke, Bishop Dominique Rey and Archbishop Alexander Sample, to name but a few. The topics are equally varied, covering a wide range of the liturgical landscape. Here too, a random selection to give some idea: liturgical music, new evangelisation, liturgy and monastic life, sacred architecture, the role of the bishop in liturgy, catechesis and formation. There are also the homilies given over the course of the conference, one by Cardinal Cañizares Llovera and the other by Cardinal Brandmüller.

I have not always found it easy to find such theological resources in my neck of the woods, so I consider this book a welcome resource for my own personal theological education, small and interrupted by necessary daily commitments as it may be. And as such, it may also have its influence on the blog.


One thought on “Book review before reading – Sacred Liturgy”

  1. talking about the liturgy. Can someone explain this:
    Sr. Helena Faustina died in 1938. The devotion she brought forward was under interdict by the Holy office from 1959 till 1978.
    In the year 2000 John Paul 2 decreed for the sunday after Easter Sunday to be celebrated throughout the Catholic Church as “Divine Mercy Sunday”.
    In otherwords it took from 1978 till 2000 (a mere 22 years for this private devotion to go from an officially-banned private devotion to one that is an established and compulsory part of the Catholic public liturgy.
    Let someone explain. To me this is totally mystifying. Perhaps you or the editor Dom Alcuin Reid can do a better job of that.

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