A leaked encyclical

So someone posted an early draft of Laudato Si, the encyclical that is set for release on Thursday. The encyclical is under embargo until noon that day, as the Holy See has been announcing in the daily press bulletins for at least the past week.

In my opinion, leaking such an important document against the clear wishes of the publishers is a very shameful thing to do, even if it is an early draft. That, and the simple fact that the Holy See has again asked everyone to respect the embargo, is the reason why I will not be sharing the text or write about it at this time. Besides, I don’t even know how much this draft differs from the final version, so drawing conclusions now may do nothing but make me look like a fool.

The situation is a difficult one for honest reporters, who have been preparing for next Thursday and want to respect the embargo. There will be many others who will be writing about the leaked text, and many who will be forming opinions before the official text is out. The leak is not only disrespectful to the author and publisher, but also to fellow reporters and writers, professional and amateur.

Shame on all those involved in the leak.