Catholic Hierarchy of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Nordic Countries


1 Metropolitan Archdiocese, 7 Dioceses, 1 Military ordinariate

Apostolic Nuncio: Giacinto Berloco, Titular Archbishop of Fidene

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels

Archbishop: Jozef De Kesel

Auxiliary Bishops: Jean-Luc Hudsyn, Titular Bishop of Apt; Jean Kockerols, Titular Bishop of Ypres; Léon Lemmens, Titular Bishop of Municipa

Diocese of Antwerp

Bishop: Johan Jozef Bonny

Diocese of Bruges


Diocesan Administrator: Msgr. Koen Vanhoutte

Diocese of Ghent

Bishop: Lucas Van Looy

Diocese of Hasselt

Bishop: Patrick Hoogmartens

Diocese of Liège

Bishop: Jean-Pierre Delville

Diocese of Namur

Bishop: Rémy Victor Vancottem

Auxiliary Bishop: Pierre Warin, Titular Bishop of Tongres

Diocese of Tournai

Bishop: Guy Harpigny

Diocese of the Armed Forces

Bishop: Jozef De Kesel

Titular Dioceses in Belgium


Bishop: Jean Kockerols, Auxiliary Bishop of Mechelen-Brussels


Bishop: Pierre Warin, Auxiliary Bishop of Namur


1 Diocese

Apostolic Nuncio: Henryk Józef Nowacki, Titular Archbishop of Blera

Diocese of København

Bishop: Czeslaw Kozon


7 Metropolitan Archdiocese, 20 Dioceses, 1 Military Ordinariate

Apostolic Nuncio: Nikola Eterovic, Titular Archbishop of Vinkovci

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bamberg

Archbishop: Ludwig Schick

Auxiliary Bishop: Herwig Gössl, Titular Bishop of Balecium

Diocese of Eichstätt

Bishop: Gregor Maria Franz Hanke

Diocese of Speyer

Bishop: Karl-Heinz Wiesemann

Auxiliary Bishop: Otto Georgens, Titular Bishop of Gubaliana

Diocese of Würzburg

Bishop: Friedhelm Hofmann

Auxiliary Bishop: Ulrich Boom, Titular Bishop of Sullectum

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Berlin

Archbishop: Heiner Koch

Auxiliary Bishop: Matthias Heinrich, Titular Bishop of Thibaris

Diocese of Dresden-Meiβen

Bishop-elect: Heinrich Timmerevers

Diocese of Görlitz

Bishop: Wolfgang Ipolt

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Freiburg im Breisgau

Archbishop: Stephan Burger

Auxiliary Bishops: Bernd Joachim Uhl, Titular Bishop of Malliana; Michael Gerber, Titular Bishop of Migirpa

Diocese of Mainz


Auxiliary Bishop: Udo Markus Bentz, Titular Bishop of Sita

Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Bishop: Gebhard Fürst

Auxiliary Bishops: Johannes Kreidler, Titular Bishop of Edistiana; Thomas Maria Renz, Titular Bishop of Rucuma

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Hamburg

Archbishop: Stefan Heße

Auxiliary Bishop: Hans-Jochen Jaschke, Tiular Bishop of Tisili

Diocese of Hildesheim

Bishop: Norbert Trelle

Auxiliary Bishops: Nikolaus Schwerdtfeger, Titular Bishop of Fussala; Heinz-Günther Bongartz, Titular Bishop of Bonusta

Diocese of Osnabrück

Bishop: Franz-Josef Hermann Bode

Auxiliary Bishop: Johannes Wübbe, Titular Bishop of Ros Cré

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cologne

Archbishop: Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki, Cardinal-Priest of San Giovanni Maria Vianney

Auxiliary Bishops: Dominik Schwaderlapp, Titular Bishop of Frigento; Ansgar Puff, Titular Bishop of Gordus

Diocese of Aachen

Bishop: –

Auxiliary Bishops: Karl Borsch, Titular Bishop of Crepedula; Johannes Bündgens, Titular Bishop of Árd Carna

Diocese of Essen

Bishop: Franz-Josef Overbeck

Auxiliary Bishops: Ludger Schepers, Titular Bishop of Neapolis in Proconsulari; Wilhelm Zimmermann, Titular Bishop of Benda

Diocese of Limburg


Apostolic Administrator: Bishop Manfred Grothe, Titular Bishop of Hippo Diarrhytus

Auxiliary Bishop: Thomas Löhr, Titular Bishop of Diana

Diocese of Münster

Bishop: Felix Genn

Auxiliary Bishops: Dieter Geerlings, Titular Bishop of Tacapæ; Christoph Hegge, Titular Bishop of Sicilibba; Wilfried Theising, Titular Bishop of Mina; Stefan Zekorn, Titular Bishop of Aquæ Albæ in Mauretania

Diocese of Trier

Bishop: Stephan Ackermann

Auxiliary Bishops: Robert Brahm, Titular Bishop of Mimiana; Jörg Michael Peters; Titular Bishop of Fordongianus; Helmut Dieser, Titular Bishop of Narona

Metropolitan Archdiocese of München und Freising

Archbishop: Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Cardinal-Priest of San Corbiniano

Auxiliary Bishops: Bernhard Haβlberger, Titular Bishop of Octaba; Wolfgang Bischof, Titular Bishop of Nebbi

Diocese of Augsburg

Bishop: Konrad Zdarsa

Auxiliary Bishops: Anton Losinger, Titular Bishop of Vazi-Sarra; Florian Wörner, Titular Bishop of Hierpiniana

Diocese of Passau

Bishop: Stefan Oster

Diocese of Regensburg

Bishop: Rudolf Voderholzer

Auxiliary Bishops: Reinhard Pappenberger, Titular Bishop of Aptuca; Josef Graf, Titular Bishop of Inis Cathaig

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Paderborn

Archbishop: Hans-Josef Becker

Auxiliary Bishops: Matthias König, Titular Bishop of Elicroca; Hubert Berenbrinker, Titular Bishop of Panatoria; Dominicus Meier, Titular Bishop of Castro di Sardegna

Diocese of Erfurt

Bishop: Ulrich Neymeyr

Auxiliary Bishop: Reinhard Hauke, Titular Bishop of Flumenpiscense

Diocese of Fulda

Bishop: Heinz Josef Algermissen

Auxiliary Bishop: Karlheinz Diez, Titular Bishop of Villa regis

Diocese of Magdeburg

Bishop: Gerhard Feige

Military Ordinariate of Germany

Military Ordinary: Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck

Titular Dioceses in Germany




1 Diocese

Apostolic Nuncio: Henryk Józef Nowacki, Titular Archbishop of Blera

Diocese of Reykjavík

Bishop: David Tencer

Titular Dioceses in Iceland


Bishop: Marek Solarczyk, Auxiliary Bishop of Warszawa-Praga




1 Archdiocese

Apostolic Nuncio: Giacinto Berloco, Titular Archbishop of Fidene

Archdiocese of Luxembourg

Archbishop: Jean-Claude Hollerich


1 Metropolitan Archdiocese, 6 Dioceses, 1 Military Ordinariate

Apostolic Nuncio: Aldo Cavalli, Titular Archbishop of Vibo Valentia

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Utrecht

Archbishop: Willem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk, Cardinal-Priest of San Callisto

Auxiliary Bishops: Theodorus Cornelis Maria Hoogenboom, Titular Bishop of Bistue; Herman Willebrordus Woorts, Titular Bishop of Giufi Salaria

Diocese of Breda

Bishop: Johannes Wilhelmus Maria Liesen

Diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden

Bishop: –

Diocese of Haarlem Amsterdam

Bishop: Jozef Marianus Punt

Auxiliary Bishop: Johannes Willibrordus Maria Hendriks, Titular Bishop of Arsacal

Diocese of Roermond

Bishop: Franciscus Jozef Maria Wiertz

Auxiliary Bishop: Everardus Johannes de Jong, Titular Bishop of Cariana

Diocese of Rotterdam

Bishop: Johannes Harmannes Jozefus van den Hende

Diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Bishop: Gerard Johannes Nicolaas de Korte

Auxiliary Bishop: Robertus Gerardus Leonia Maria Mutsaerts, Titular Bishop of Uccula

Military Ordinariate of the Netherlands

Military Ordinary:

Apostolic Administrator: Jozef Marianus Punt

Titular Dioceses in the Netherlands




1 Diocese, 2 Territorial Prelatures

Apostolic Nuncio: Henryk Józef Nowacki, Titular Archbishop of Blera

Diocese of Oslo

Bishop: Bernt Ivar Eidsvig

Territorial Prelature of Tromsø

Bishop-Prelate: Berislav Grgic

Territorial Prelature of Trondheim

Bishop-Prelate: –

Apostolic Administrator: Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig

Titular Dioceses in Norway


Bishop: Pero Sudar, Auxiliary Bishop of Vrhbosna


1 Diocese

Apostolic Nuncio: Henryk Józef Nowacki, Titular Archbishop of Blera

Diocese of Stockholm

Bishop: Anders Arborelius

Vicar General: Msgr. Pascal René Lung

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