Resignation and Election

A year ago, the 11th of February started innocently enough, but soon became one of the strangest days we have seen in all of the Church’s  history. Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, effective on the 28th of that same month.

Below I have collected my blog post from that unique period, starting with the shock announcement and concluding with the retired Pope’s return to the Vatican to live in a monastery in the gardens behind St. Peter’s.

These posts cover the final weeks of Benedict’s papacy, the sede vacante, the conclave, the election of Pope Francis and the return of the Pope emeritus from Castel Gandolfo.


pope benedict xvi coat of arms

11 February:

12 February:

13 February:

14 February:

15 February:

20 February:

21 February:

22 February:

23 February:

24 February:

27 February:

28 February:


coat of arms pope francis

1 March:

4 March:

5 March:

7 March:

8 March:

10 March:

11 March:

12 March:

13 March:

15 March:

18 March:

20 March:

23 March:

27 March:

5 April:

2 May:

3 May:

benedict francis


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