When in Rome… Ad limina as a bishop sees it

In two videos, Bishop Christopher Coyne talks about his look at the ad limina visit to Rome that he is taking part in. As part of Region VII of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Coyne, together with the other bishops of that Region, is in a snow-ridden Rome to meet with Holy See officials and the Holy Father to discuss the goings-on in their dioceses.

Bishop Coyne is no stranger to social media, and this his first attempt at podcasting. His two videos offer an interesting look at the regular ad limina visits that every Catholic bishop makes.

Bishop Coyne is auxiliary bishop and administrator of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He runs the blog Let Us Walk Together: Thoughts of a Catholic Bishop and is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

The charisms of the faithful

Continuing on with the theme of bishops, here is a translation of an address by Pope Benedict XVI to more than 100 newly-ordained bishops at Castel Gandolfo yesterday. These bishops, among them blogging bishop Chris Coyne (who recounts meeting a Dutch bishop there, but I have been unable to find out who it may have been), are in Rome for an annual course organised by the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregations for Oriental Churches.

In his address, the pope speaks about the charisms that the Holy Spirit gives to all faithful, and how it is a bishop’s task to unify and harmonise all these different charisms for the sanctification on the Church and the faithful.

Read the English text here.

Photo credit: Reuters/Tony Gentile