A new priest for the archdiocese

Karel Donders (left) at his ordination to deacon, pictured here with Archbishop Eijk.

A happy day for the Archdiocese of Utrecht today, as Deacon Karel Donders will be ordained to the priesthood at the cathedral of St. Catherine in that city. Deacon Donders was ordained to the diaconate on 6 November of last year, at which point Archbishop Eijk called that ordination “the first fruit of the cooperation between the archdiocese and the Tiltenberg seminary”. Donders was educated at that seminary, which is where I met him once or twice. During one visit he shared his vocation story with me and other young men attending an orientation weekend. Of his choice to be incardinated in Utrecht despite receiving his education in Haarlem-Amsterdam, soon-to-be Father Donders says:

“I have studied there for six years: very important year of inner formation and desire for the priesthood. After my graduation in 2009 I started a pastoral internship in the parish in Heemstede. A was able to live and work there for a year with much joy. During that year I also made the decision to make myself available as a future priest for the Archdiocese of Utrecht.”

Congratulations to Deacon Donders and the archdiocese, as well as the faithful of the parishes where the new priest will work, on this very important and joyful day.