Something lighthearted

“Mamma mia… They want to stay in the pope’s house.”

Well, Holy Father, I don’t blame them.

It’s been a bit of a rough day for this blogger, so let’s close it off with something lighthearted, like the pope releasing two white doves at today’s Angelus.

Tip of the hat to Atonement Online, where I found the video.


A family connection?

Among the blogs I regularly read are Standing on my Head by Fr. Dwight Longenecker and Fr. Ray Blake’s Saint Mary Magdalen blog (both recommended reads, by the way). The former has a picture of St. John Bosco in the left side bar, (scroll down a bit) while the latter features an image of the author in a similar location (if on the other side), and I have to wonder: is there a well-hidden family connection there somewhere, between the Italian saint and Father Blake?

You be the judge:

Saint John Bosco

Fr. Ray Blake

One wonders…

Musical cardinal

A funny little aside from The Bitter Pill (apparently good for more than Fr. Tim-bashing):

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, has agreed to perform The Hippopotamus Song at St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral on 28 August as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The cardinal, evidently not always the serious man in the photo, will be accompanied by what is called The Really Terrible Orchestra, consisting of “the cream of Edinburgh’s musically disadvantaged”.

The Hippopotamus Song is a gently satirical song written and performed by the musical comedy duo Flanders & Swann in the late 1950s.

12 Reasons for ad orientem worship, courtesy of Fr. Blake

Father Ray Blake gives 12 reasons in favour of ad orientem celebration of the Mass (and a pile of kittens), some of which may be useful to priests (the reasons, not the kittens). Should the spiritual reasons not be good enough for their congregations, that is.

I am not facing you because I have come to realise I am amazingly ugly and will frighten small children therefore ….
A dear little pussycat has moved in behind the altar to give birth to her kittens so I’m staying this side to avoid disturbing her, therefore….
We have dry rot the other side of the altar, it is not safe therefore…
I have become claustrophobic therefore…

Read the other reasons in Fr. Blake’s blog.