Evangelii Gaudium in Dutch

For the Dutch readers of my blog (and those who don’t read it…):


evangelii gaudiumAs a way of reading Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, I am making a Dutch translation of it while I am reading. I find that translating requires a concentrated absorbing of the text and its meaning, which is ideal for this long theological (but at times also pastoral and personal) text.

A the time of writing I have completed translating the introduction, so we’re not even at the meat of the text yet… But anyway, it’s a work in progress. That means that there will be errors in there (although not many), and although the text contains footnotes, I have not added them yet.

Pope Francis quotes from many sources, of course. Where possible, I have used existing Dutch translations of those sources. For official documents I referred to the excellent resource that is RKDocumenten.nl, and Bible quotes came from Willibrordbijbel.nl.

Readers of English or other languages may of course find the text here.

Recommended: the CDF Note for the Year of Faith

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has produced an extensive Note with recommendations for the upcoming Year of Faith, scheduled to open in October of this year. The Note gives practical hand and feet to the overriding theme of the Year and links it firmly with Pope Benedict’s XVI efforts to promote the new evangelisation. Also important in this respect is the Second Vatican Council and its 50th anniversary, later this year.

The Note gives recommendations in several levels – international and local – which are also applicable to us individual faithful and bloggers, too.

I have translated the Note, and suggest everyone give it a good read.

And as far as that translation, which took several days, is concerned, I want to mention the excellent resource of RKdocumenten.nl, which offers translations of many Catholic documents, and the translation efforts of Father Chr. van Buijtenen, the Sorores Christi, Drs. H.M.G. Kretzers, who translated documents which are extensively quoted in the Note. I used their translations as they are featured on RKdocumenten.nl.