Via Romea

I’ve added the Via Romea blog to my blog list. It documents the cycling adventure of three young people from Sidcup*, near London, to Rome, along the ancient pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome: the Via Romea. They’ve given themselves most of the month of July to do this, and the blog will, hopefully, give a nice account of the adventure.

They’re not just doing out for a laugh, though. No, the intend to raise money for two charities: Mary’s Meals, which supplies daily, healthy meals in schools in some of the poorest countries; and the Cardinal Winning Pro-life Initiative, which provides practical, spiritual and emotional support for mothers facing crisis pregnancies and the prospect of raising their child alone. Both quite worthy goals, I’d say.

I always find such pilgrimages inspirational since they’re a very hand-on use of one’s faith. It also shows that faith is the basis underneath the things we do, and the means by which those things can be completed successfully.

So, go visit the blog, spike their stats a bit, and perhaps donate to their cause.

*Where, incidentally, His Hermeneuticalness wears the chasuble and celebrates his birthday today.