Pub quiz in a church (but it’s okay, it was Protestant)

Some impressions of an attempt to emerge victorious from a pub quiz tournament last night. Well, ‘pub quiz’ isn’t right: it took place in the medieval Martini church here in Groningen, but the principle is the same. Out of the 63 teams, we ended 39th. Hardly impressive, but in a strange way I relish the fact that we didn’t manage to answer a single question in the tv theme tunes round. When the answers of that round were revealed, I knew just about one of the ten shows mentioned.

The organ of the church, an example of decoration 9and then some) in an otherwise rather barren church.

On the vaulted ceiling there are some remains of early decorations. Others were in what was once the sanctuary. At one point it was apparently decided to keep them visible after they were painted over during the Reformation.

And there was much pondering of questions…

A ‘stupid hat’ converted from a plastic cup, and which eventually became a ‘very stupid hat’ and, when reversed, a ‘smart hat’.


The Priest and the Liturgy of the Word at Mass

Father Mauro Gagliardi, professor at the Pontifical Athenaeum “Regina Apostolorum” in Rome and consultor to the Office for the Liturgical Celebrations at the Vatican, writes in the latter function about the liturgy of the Word, the first major part of the Mass. The text is especially relevant since the liturgy of the Word usually also involves lay people, who serve as lectors, or readers, of the first and second reading, and sometimes also the responsorial psalm and alleluiah.

Fr. Gagliardi discusses briefly the Liturgy of the Word in the ordinary and extraordinary form of the Roman rite and then lists a few pros and cons of the reform after the Second Vatican Council. His text is aimed mostly at priests, but since the Liturgy of the Word in the ordinary form usually involves lay people as well, I think it is important to be aware of the rituals. Rituals can, after all, be aids to our own experience of the liturgy. Sadly, space limits prevent Fr. Gagliardi from going into the detail he wants, but perhaps this text can be a starting point for some. That is the reason I translated it into Dutch: go here to read it.

The English text can be found here.