Appeal for the Cistercian sisters of Marienthal

The flooding in central Europe, which has already cost the lives of 15 people, has also hit the convent of Marienthal in Germany. The sisters who live there have retreated to the higher parts of their buildings, it is said. The Diocese of Dresden-Meißen, under which the convent falls, has appealed for donations. A spokesman has said that these are the worst floods since the convent’s founding in 1234.  In the church, the water has reached a height of two meters. The damage is estimated to amount to several million Euros. Some 100 people depend on the convent for their work and income, and that does not include the sisters living there. It goes without saying that they are dependent on their home.

Kayaking across the convent grounds

Marienthal saw a massive restoration in the early 90s, following the German reunification, all done by volunteers. Now the convent welcomes some 100,000 visitors per year.

For donations for the relief and inevitable restoration of the centuries-old convent complex, the diocese has created a bank account number:

Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Niederschlesien eG
Bank code: 855 91 000
Account number: 457 304 8003
Password: Hilfe für Marienthal

For an impression of the convent in better days, visit their website.

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