10 rules for social media evangelisation

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, USCCB for short, presents 10 rules for social media evangelisation:

  1. Translate church teaching.
  2. Avoid Church speak.
  3. Use images, as Jesus did.
  4. Understand that social media is social
  5. Social media sometimes calls for a suit of armor.
  6. Use the delete button if comments cross the line of decency, but, hopefully, not often.
  7. Spread Catholicism’s fun parts.
  8. Remember rules are changing.
  9. Remember web messages live forever.
  10. Keep it short.

Good advice, including some, like numbers 1, 2 and especially 7, that are too often overlooked (not least by yours truly). Visit the USCCB blog for more about the ten rules.


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