Bishop Mutsaerts vs San Salvator

The bishop of ‘s Hertogenbosch is once again planning to send out one of his auxiliaries to put out a bush fire in his diocese. He has appointed Bishop Rob Mutsaerts as temporary pastor to the San Salvator parish in ‘s Hertogenbosch. This parish has been without its own priest for a number of years and is said to have become a hotbed of DIY liturgy and liberal thought in frank opposition to bishop and Church. In 2009, after a homosexual ‘marriage’ was ‘blessed’ at the an Salvator, Msgr. Mutsaerts devoted a blog post to this parish, writing:

“I would not begrudge the parishioners a priest who is simply Catholic and who does not let himself be terrorised by the pastoral team which claims to be open to a church from below and wishes to do justice to the feelings of people, but in the meantime prove to be true dictators when people with true Catholic wishes show up. A normal familiar Requiem Mass is no an option. Neither is a Mass out of thanksgiving according to the normal liturgical books (only by exception and with great reluctance). A normal Sunday Mass? At San Salvator they have very extraordinary customs on Sunday, but it has nothing to do with a normal recognisable Catholic Mass. For them it is a sport to explain that there is much flawed in what pope and bishops propagate. In Orthen, the windows of the church have indeed been opened wide, with the result that there is a terrible draft and everyone has fallen ill. As a result of the draft all the familiar furnishings at least have been blown out of the church, leaving the average parishioner in the cold.”

San Salvator - church with an interesting future?

After words like these it is perhaps no surprise that the parish council of the San Salvator have told the diocese that they will not be accepting Bishop Mutsaerts as their new pastor. But they do need a proper priest, it seems. If things have gotten this bad in 2009 (when the bishop wrote the above words), things will likely not have improved now. And in such situations, it is perhaps prudent to call things by their name. What is abundantly clear, at least, is that the parish council does not know where their right and duties lie.

It’s always sad to see when people with responsibilities in a parish (consciously or not) place their own vaguely-described feelings and interests before that of the people and the Church. It’s an upside-down world: Not our Lord comes to us, we create our own bridges to Him. The Church and all that is part of her are not our own creations to do with as we wish. If we do change the liturgy and distance ourselves from the diocese, then the name ‘Catholic’ becomes an empty word.

I hope Bishop Mutsaerts can turn things around for the better, and the faithful of San Salvator return to full communion with the Church, in both word and action.

8 thoughts on “Bishop Mutsaerts vs San Salvator”

    1. The community of the people of the San Salvator try to live according to the life and teachings of Jesus. No one is excluded. It is sad to see that the Catholic Church does wants to destroy this group of very commited people. We must always be aware that the first commandment of Jesus is to love ones neighbour. I am sure Jesus would have joined us in our demonstration today.

      1. The first commandment of Our Lord is to LOVE GOD and thence to love your neighbour. I invite you all to this theocentric revolution of your minds, from which a greater and deeper charity to all the umanity will born.
        In Jesu et Maria

  1. The first command is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, with all our lives. The secons is to love ones neighbours as oneself. Jesus wat not a sweetie, He had rules. But that is the part people don’t want to hear, though the whole Bible is full of it.

  2. In a lot of Roman catholic churches in the Netherlands we lack the necessary disciplin to obey the Church of Christ (His bride) where He made it very clear how He wanted to organise her. He Himself taught us that the only purpose of becoming man was to obey (repeat obey) the Will of His
    (and our) Father in Heaven and to teach us all that He had learned from his Father. The idea that we have parishes terrorising His arrangements is absurd. We are dust in the wind against the Almighty Father Who created us. To protest against Him is simply pride from nothing (men) against everything (Him). I propose getting on your knees dear Roman Catholics and confess and then plea remission of your sins because now you do not realise the scope of your wrongdoings. This is a message for those who stand with one leg in their grave, as I do. Piet Blomjous born 1924.

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