He’s not the Messiah…

…he’s a food activist from London. You couldn’t make this up, unless you’re a member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

“My parents came to visit recently, and they brought clothes that said ‘he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy’. To them, it’s just amusing.”

It’s difficult not to find this funny, in a sort of sad way.

Found via fsiefken.


One thought on “He’s not the Messiah…”

  1. Yes, an odd bunch with their Ascended Masters and transmission energies… some evangelical christians consider Creme to be a servant of the Antichrist… the same christians who think Transformers, He-Man (Texe Marrs, Dark Secrets of the New Age) and Harry Potter are occult tools of Satan. Sure, Transformers has some gnostic bents, no reason to get worked up about it… I got my share of ‘the new age’ which has some nuggets, I found Creme’s Maitreya not particularly special (his endorsement of Sai Baba even pretty damning), but some people I know are really into him – whatever floats their boat.

    In this case it seems Creme is not to happy with his readers linking his recent Maitreya announcement to Raj Patel, an interesting fellow no doubt, but Creme doesn’t deny he’s Maitreya either when asked. Who Creme then is suggesting to be the Maitreya who according to Creme is appearing in the media currently is anyone’s guess…. I hope we’ll find out before Creme dies of old age, not that I expect to much. Perhaps that’s why Creme feels it’s time for a fitting end to his Maitreya narrative.. a good pick, which might boost the sales of Raj Patel, obviously a Good Thing. Raj Patel’s blog is here: http://rajpatel.org/blog/

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