Coming home to 100,000 visitors

Well, Yesterday I returned home from the World Youth Days in Madrid. It has been a pilgrimage which I could not have prepared for. Of course, the practicalities are easy to prepare, but over the course of the last two weeks there have been both physical and mental discomforts, moments of joy, emotion and new social contacts which I simply could not have taken into account before leaving. That is not to say that the journey was ill-prepared or negative – it wasn’t. But it was different, tougher, more intense than I expected.

At the moment, I am going through all the photos I took and the new social contacts I made (which translate into new Facebook friends and Twitter followers), which means that regular blogging will commence at some unspecified future time. Maybe tomorrow or, with any luck, later today.

I was happily encouraged to recommence blogging yesterday when I found that my return home coincided with the 100,000th visitor to these pages. Whoever it was, thank you for visiting. I hope that you and all those others who find their way here, find some use for what I write.


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