Bishop van den Hende’s catechesis in Madrid

Of course, just when I had written that only Archbishop Eijk’s catechesis talk was online, I stumbled across the text of the second catechesis, given by Bishop Hans van den Hende of Rotterdam. It took until this afternoon for a translation to be ready, but better late than never.

In his catechesis, Msgr. van den Hende focusses on the second part of the theme of the World Youth Day 2011, being built up in Christ. He uses many references to building and construction from the Bible and so urges his listeners to build the house of their lives on Christ. Fittingly, there is strong focus on vocation. During his time as bishop of Breda, Msgr. van den Hende started several projects about the sacraments and vocation.

Bishop van den Hende’s catechesis proved very popular among the audience, signified by the lengthy round of applause which followed.


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