A new bishop in virtual and real life

Virtually simultaneous with yesterday’s consecration of Bishop Jan Hendriks, the new bishop expanded his new media presence. Already quite active on Facebook – which also saw his first words as bishop appear soon after: “The day of my consecration to bishop was a beautiful day on which I look back with much gratitude. Thank you, everyone, for your heartfelt words and prayers!” – Bishop Hendriks launched his own website, Arsacal.nl, named for his titular see. Here, the reader will find news about the bishop and the diocese, homilies, reflections and articles from the bishop’s desk, biographical information and general information about various Catholic topics. An excellent initiative, and unique in the Church in the Netherlands. Hopefully it will lead others to follow this example.

One news item from the aforementioned website are the remarks of the newly consecrated at the end of the Mass. Naturally, English readers may peruse it here.

An official photo gallery may be seen here, while Facebook has a few hundred photos more, from the accounts of the diocese, the Tiltenberg seminary and several private persons.

Photo credit: Tiltenberg


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