An introduction of sorts

A new blog? No, rather an old one in a new place. I’ve been blogging for a number of years now and did it all that time at Livejournal. And with much enjoyment, I might add. But over the course of time, especially in the last months, my blogging habits have been changing; where originally I treated my blog as a diary documenting the things that happened in my life, lately I have been moving more towards a more informative blog, not dissimilar to the efforts of such noted blogging priests as Father Z and Father Tim. Not that I pretend to be as knowledgeable or eloquent as either of them (nor as ordained), their topics of choice are an example to me.

Added to that is the growing desire on my part to contribute in a meaningful way to the development of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. It is a small Church, not very visible in society, and with its problems, but not without signs of hope – orthodox priests, congregations eager to grow in their faith, young people searching for a direction in their lives and finding it in the Church. But the parishes, especially in my diocese, are islands. They function on their own and the connection to the neighbouring parishes, the diocese and the world Church is not always alive among the faithful.

What can one lay person do, let alone one who hasn’t been Catholic for more than three years? Well, I can write and translate. Media coverage of Church issues, letters from the Dutch bishops, good homilies, but also events and documents from the world Church – all these are food for my blog, with the ultimate twofold goal of spreading the word, so to speak, of the Dutch Church among the many who don’t read Dutch, and putting the good and important elements of our beautiful faith – liturgy, prayer, theology – in the spotlight.

Here, I hope, I can present a blog that looks professional (at least in its layout) and which I can fully use as a basis for some other online activities. What those may be is something the future will learn, though.

PS: I have imported the blog entries from the past year into this new account. As a result, links in old posts may not always work and images may not be displayed completely (because they were sized to fit the layout of my Livejournal). Some posts are also protected with a password. These are posts that I don’t wish to be publicly accessible. You may always request the password from me in a comment or message.

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    1. You shall be added as soon as possible. I just copied the blog roll from my LJ userpage, which does not include people who are on my friends list there. I will remedy that soon. Right now, in fact 🙂

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